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What is Relaxing massage by Habileny?

Relaxing Massage by Habileny

If you have never had a mobile, outcall massage at the end of a long and arduous day, you are missing out such amazing and unwinding sensation that is made possible only by experienced massage therapists who know what your mind and body needs. Most massage types associate with stress relief. But there are specific ones that serve solely for that purpose. As the name suggests, relaxing massage by Habileny calms souls and recover the body.

When my clients are not sure what type of outcall massage they want, my tried and trusted recommendation is relaxing massage. Indeed, deep tissue and other high-pressure massages are very popular among my Las Vegas and Orange county, California massage clients. But sometimes all you need is a relaxing massage with soft and caring touches that melt all your troubles and worries away.

Who needs relaxing therapy?

It is very simple. Do you feel stressed and tired? Then go for relaxing massage. Everyone has those nerve-racking moments that seem to accumulate over time. Complicated relationships, upcoming exams, and deadlines at work are only the top of the iceberg of stress sources we have to deal with almost every single day. And, sometimes, don’t you feel like you just have to stop and breathe.

Relaxing mobile massage ultimately helps you feel happier, sleep better, and move around easier.

Benefits of relaxing massage:

Relaxing outcall massage is very similar to Swedish massage. The main difference is that relaxing massage therapy concentrates more on emotional well-being, tackling stress in rather determined way. During relaxing outcall massage, I use long and light to medium pressure strokes that create a nice overall flow for the whole body, promoting general comfort. Ultimately, it enhances mental health, improves circulation, and stimulates lymph flow.

Relaxing massage by Habileny reduces stress.

Many people still believe relaxing massage is just a fad. But its health benefits are scientifically proven. Massage touch releases hormones in your body that triggers positive emotional reaction which helps to you to feel calm and improve your mood.

Studies by The Touch Research institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine shows that relaxing massage decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression. Basically, it helps our body to lower cortisol level (stress hormone) and increase serotonin level (happy hormone) which keeps the stress at bay. They measured the cortisol level of five hundred people who had history of depression before and after relaxing massage session. The stress hormone was decreased by fifty three percent on average after the massage. Remarkable.

If not addressed properly, accumulated stress can lead to fatigue, lack of focus, and mental disorders. More side effects of high level of stress would be:

Relaxing Massage by Habileny
  • High blood pressure
  • Digestive distress
  • Weakened immune function
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Heartburn
  • Sleep disorders
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Muscle pain and tension
  • Low libido
  • Weight gain
  • Increased appetite and sugar cravings
  • Hormonal imbalances

It is best to keep stress under control, considering how much damage it can cause in the long run. Massage Therapy has been around for almost 3000 years as safe and natural way to fight stress and anxiety.

Relaxing therapy by Habileny improves blood circulation.

Relaxing mobile massage never fails to help my clients feel rejuvenated and satisfied after the session. But, having massage on regular basis can benefit you beyond just satisfaction. One is increased blood pressure.

Having fast blood circulation means better overall function of the body. Better metabolism, better immune system, healthier heart, etc. For relaxing mobile massage, I use long soft strokes always directed towards the heart in order to improve circulation. Sometimes, I use medium to high pressure to help the blood flow through congested areas. You can also see an improvement in skin tone and appearance as a result of increased blood circulation.

Massage also enhances the circulation of lymph fluids which carries all kinds of waste and toxins away from the muscles and organs. Moreover, as a bonus, some mild manipulation of the muscles enables wider range of movement for the receiver.

What else do you need to fully relax?

Relaxing Massage

Soothing atmosphere for relaxing outcall massage. I feel like relaxing outcall massage service is the best way to fully relax and have your mind at ease as you have massage in your own home or hotel room, feeling completely safe. For deeper relaxation, I turn off overhead lights and close the blinds, considering body’s basic rhythms are directly related to light exposure. Also, soft and tranquil music is my co-pilot during the session. I always adjust my strokes to the melody which makes you feel harmonious with yourself and your surroundings. Any distracting devices, such as cell phones, TV, or radio, should be turned off.

Massage oils for relaxing outcall massage. Though some people prefer not to use oil during massage, it is specifically essential for relaxing outcall massage. Oil reduces the friction and rubbing of skin and enables the hands glide smoothly on the skin giving pleasant feeling. I usually rotate between mineral oil and coconut oil as they are both very mild and moisturizing.

Aromatherapy for relaxing outcall massage. Adding few drops of aromatic essential oil to the massage oil is magic touch. Soothing scents like lavender and sandalwood helps with headache. Healing oils like eucalyptus helps with joint and muscle pain whereas tea tree oil helps with preventing infection.

How does the relaxing massage by Habileny session go?

My most massage sessions are standard 90 minutes. But as your comfort and satisfaction always come first, I usually extend the relaxing outcall massage session up to 120 minutes or more at your request. My massage techniques are gentle, slow, and repetitive. But, of course, if you decide you want more pressure or even deep tissue massage, I can always accommodate to your needs. Most of the time people don’t realize what type of outcall massage we want until we are on the bed ready for the session.

I start the full body massage with you on your stomach and begin with your back and finish with your head and shoulders with you facing up. At your request, I can work on longer period of time on particular parts of the body. For example, if you stand up all day I can work on your legs and feet longer, or on your back and neck if you do sedentary work. Communication between us is vital for me to give you the most tranquil and satisfying outcall massage experience weather you are in Las Vegas or in Orange County. Feel free to contact me 24/7 if you are ready for you ultimate massage session. I always look forward to seeing you!

Relaxing Massage by Habileny