Massage Hello, my name is Habileny and welcome to my "Massage by Habileny" website. I am a professional certified licensed massage therapist with outstanding massage skills based in Las Vegas, Nevada and Irvine, Orange County, California. My knowledge and education about massage come from 3 different schools: European Massage School, Oriental Massage School, and Indian Massage School with total more than 7,000 hours of practice. I provide professional and sophisticated outcall massage services 24/7 in Las Vegas, Nevada or incall and outcall massage services in Irvine, Orange County, California, and am available to travel by your request. I do last minute appointments, so feel free to CONTACT me if you have any questions or to book your massage session immediately. 

My incall and outcall massage services include: 
Deep Tissue
Swedish Massage
Relaxing Massage
Japanese Massage
Trigger Point Massage
Thai Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Sports Massage
Lomi-Lomi Massage
Custom Massage
Hot Stones
4 Hands Massage
Couples Massage

Depends on the massage style I work on the professional massage table, on the bed, on the floor mat, or on the chair. I use only special expansive organic oils which is perfect for the massage and for the body. Depends on your preference of the massage technique I use my different body parts (hands, fingers, forarms, elbows, knees, feet, toes, etc.), sticks, hot stones, vibrators, rollers, massaging devices, and towels.

I have fair flat rates for my professional outcall massage services. It means you will never pay more than stated on my website. Please visit my page PRICES for all rates of my services. As a payment for my professional incall and outcall massage services I accept Cash, all major Credit/Debit Cards, and PayPal. I do outcall massage services to hotel room, house, condo, apartment (any private residence), business facility, spa, and beauty salon. 

I am a very discreet person and always respect privacy. Your personal information (address, phone number, email, name, identification, location, credit/debit card and PayPal info, etc.) will never be shared with anyone. I guarantee 100% discretion, safety, and security during and after our session.

You will be completely satisfied with my massage services. I put all my heart, talent, and passion in anything I do. For immediate booking please call or text 702-818-0922 or email me through my CONTACT FORM.

Thank you very much for reading my website and I look forward to seeing you!  

My Massage story

MassageWhen I was a very young girl, just a few years ago, I was an average, nothing special, regular person. I had a big stomach and my small muscles were covered with fat and water. Nobody was paying attention when I was in public places. I was just a baby girl without any signs of a beauty. I wasn’t a good looking girl, not even close…  

One day I woke up in the middle of the night, went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror… I saw a small little girl with big potential. I decided to change my life and achieve a goal! In the beginning it was very difficult and complicated; I didn’t know where to start and what to do. I didn’t have any experience, but I knew that I had to get the knowledge in order to get what I wanted, so I could use it on my way up there. My goal was:

I wanted to become a beautiful, pretty, successful,    and outstanding lady!

I started to go to the gym three times a day, every day and worked on my body so hard that within 1 month I lost more than 30 lbs; nobody was helping me, nobody pushed me, nobody told me what to do, nobody believed in me. I was on my own, just me, my power, and my goal. Being just a pretty girl wasn’t enough for me; I moved on the next step: I started competing in NPC Shows (National Physique Committee)! I want to say a special thanks to Vasily Shepelin, Joseph L Rossi, Christina Cornell, and to all my family and friends for their support, patience, wisdom, and knowledge about NPC shows and helping me to get on the stage in my best shape ever.

In 2015 I won an NPC Jay Cutler Desert Classic muscle show in Las Vegas, Nevada and a few months later I won an NPC Florida Grand Prix muscle show in my favorite category Bikini Open. I put all my power, all my strength, and all my knowledge to prepare for these competitions. The goal to change my life and become super hot, sexy, and beautiful lady was achieved!  

I looked in the mirror again and I saw a miracle. A small, little, average girl became a gorgeous beautiful woman with a lean, tight, powerful, sexy body. People stopped me and asked to take pictures with them, were always complimenting me, were asking for diets and workout programs. I was so happy and proud of what I was doing; I was in love with my transformation, progress, and results in NPC Shows.

   I love massages. It was the best enjoyment I had while competing!

But soon I realized: to be just a beautiful, sexy girl is not a complete achievment. I had so much knowledge about human body and the process of transformation. I wanted I share my power doing something for the society, not just for myself. That's why I decided to become a professional massage therapist. I love to give massages. I know exactly how it feels when you really need a massage! And as always, I put all my power into getting the most professional education and became a highest level of a masseuse with excellent and outstanding massage skills.

I completed 3 different massage schools with certifications and license for full body massage: European Massage School, Oriental Massage School, and Indian Massage School with total more than 7,000 hours of practice from all schools. And only now I feel that all my hard work gives me a real pleasure and I can serve my purpose. The reason of my success is: everything I do, I put all my heart, all my passion, and all my power in the process of becoming a better person and being useful for the society. 

I love to share health and beauty with other people by giving them motivations, being an example of my achievements and still, every day I am working on my body and on my professional skills as much as I can, trying to make them perfect. I believe that deep inside, I am still a small little girl tying to push her limits. I will never stop. There is no faith, but what we make…