Japanese Massage by Habileny. Massage License # NVMT.7954.

My Japanese Massage Services:

Japanese Massage by Habileny

I am passionate about supporting men and women on their journey to a more conscious living and a deeper experience of healthy lifestyle. Japanese Massage by Habileny is more than a massage. It is a combination of massage techniques and meditation devoted to personal healing and growth. Japanese Massage by Habileny sessions give you an impression of what Oriental Japanese massage is about and how embracing this path will transform your experience of living. It's taking you to a deeper sense of energy balance and more heart-centered.

I am your guide to deep emotional embodiment and awakening to your limitless nature. I am international Japanese massage practitioner, certified licensed professional massage therapist. I am qualified Japanese massage therapist. I took part in Oriental's trainings “Emotional Freedom”, "Spiritual Balance", "True Body", and "Pure Energy". I received all the certificates and much more. My passion is to guide and inspire you to live a joyful healthy life, where productive workflow is balanced with love and enjoyment!

My personal mantra is: fokus only on the good, fokus only on the joy, health, and success.

I offer authentic traditional type of Japanese massage therapy. I am energetic and spiritual. I love what i do and i think you will too!

Spiritual Side of Japanese Massage by Habileny:

Japanese massage techniques are the combination of chakras, balancing through the integration of the polar energies and life force within us, as well as the awakening of our creating force through the work on our main energy channel. It will increase our ability to manifest our wishes through the concentration and willful direction of our creating energies. This is a form of spiritual healing which can be combined perfectly with psychotherapy as an additional massage therapy. Japanese massage by Habileny combines energy healing with visualization exercises and aroma oil massage. It is very effective in the removing of energy blockages and releasing of deeply held believe and behavior patterns associated with our existence as woman or man.

Japanese Massage by Habileny

Mind and Soul:

Another important change resulting from Japanese massage is that the positive aspects of each facet of our personality will accentuate. It will bring a perfect balance between the best aspects of male and female energies. So for instance, your ability to express yourself emotionally will be balanced with your ability to be rational and logical and do not take things personal.

As you discover your comfort side on a deeper level you will experience an improvement in the personal relationship you have with your friends and partner of the other gender. Furthermore, Japanese massage by Habileny can release deep-seated childhood disillusionments. It can free up the withheld energy associated with these events and bring about a steady and deep healing of childhood wounds.

After the practicing and the attainment to Japanese massage most people report feeling grounded. They are experiencing an increase of energy and an improvement in their relationships with their partners. They have a personal balance and an improvement in their social interactions and personal achievements in life. Furthermore, they feel more invigorated and energized. They have more thrive to take on challenges and make new experiences and also it greatly helps them in developing personal power to manifest their wishes.

How I do Japanese Massage:

Japanese massage practices uses common massage techniques such as kneading, rubbing, tapping and shaking. These activities are directed at specific vital points and meridians on the body. The seven traditional Japanese massage by Habileny techniques are: pressing/stroking, grasping/kneading, strengthening, compressing, vibrating, tapping, and shaking. In addition, methods of abdominal palpitation, developed by "Shinsai Ota" in the seventeenth century, are used. It is considered quite a vigorous form of massage, with gripping movements intended to increase blood flow to the muscles and deep tissues, and forceful acupressure techniques applied with the knuckles. The treatment is usually performed through the clothing or towel, rather than directly on the skin.

Japanese massage by Habileny promotes, maintains, and restores physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual health. It's treating the human body through various assessments, treatment strategies, and bodywork techniques.

Last but not least Japanese massage by Habileny works particularly well for people who suffer from back pains and lack of Chi (energy stored in kidneys as based on Chinese medicine) also called prana in Hindu. Japanese massage is a balanced approach to healing mind, body and soul by releasing energy patterns from all 3 levels through the use of massage, guided visualization, meditation, and energy work reaching our deepest levels.

Effects and benefits of Japanese Massage Body-Mind-Spirit:

Japanese Massage by Habileny

1. Restored health and vitality.

2. Quick and heightened efficient recovery from injuries.

3. Optimizing youthful qualities whether you are chronologically young or older.

4. Staying and Reversing the aging process. It's slowing and even stopping the debilitating processes associated with aging that cause weaknesses and tendencies for particular injuries or dis-eases to develop. Japanese Massage can help reverse these negativities and restore optimal health and wellness in every aspect, including restoration of spiritual energies. They are essential in maintaining a strong and vital physical condition with clear mental acuity and optimal creativity.

5. Balance your magnetic fields optimizing your magnetic attraction in relationships and in manifesting.

6. Heals spiritual issues and many health challenges by clearing blockages and thus strengthening immune so the body heals itself.

7. Gifts control, confidence and longevity by increasing energy flow and eliminating inner baggage, the root cause of all challenges.

8. The increased flow of rejuvenating energy dissolves our perceived inner walls, deeply expanding improvements on a social levels.

9. Cleared channels means faster immune response, minimizing the development of pain, sickness, disease and cellular degeneration.

10. Re-opens and stimulates energy healing pathways to all organs, cells, tissues right down to the DNA for direct healing benefits.

11. Natural health is re-established, as resources are optimized allowing the Body-Mind-Spirit to be fully connected again.

12. An expanded sense of clarity, joy, love and Universal connection radiantly and spontaneously emerges.

My mission:

I am dedicated to supporting the expansion and integration of consciousness, heart and sacred spiritual energies through the practice of Japanese massage and Meditation, a unique paradigm and system of powerful Japanese massage techniques and processes that lead to a direct experience.

I focus my energy on my main goal: to probe the subtle mysteries of life. So you will explore the relationship between human beings, the relationship between humans and all other aspects of creation, the relationship between ourselves and the invisible forces that govern our lives, both within and without.

I promise to facilitate your experience of healing in a whole new way. In our unrushed session, you can unleash your spiritual energy potential to deliciously integrate Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Japanese Massage by Habileny