Custom Massage by Habileny. Massage License # NVMT.7954.

What is Custom Massage by Habileny?

Custom Massage by Habileny

Custom massage by Habileny is a combination of different massage styles mixed together in one massage session. Custom Massage session allows me to target key areas that cause tension, stress and pain. It also allows me to give dedicated relief of chronic stress or pain if needed.

When you reserve a Custom Massage by Habileny, your session will start with a discussion to assess your health and concerns. I will use this consultation to create a custom treatment that works the best to give you the relief you need.

I combine a wide variety of techniques and styles to create the perfect custom massage. This type of massage designed to meet your body and spirit’s needs.

Custom Massage is as individual as you are!

If you need more time on your back, neck, shoulders or don't like your feet worked on, then this is the massage for you. I am usually able to do a full body massage with extra time on a specific area. In this case you must choose at least 90 min session to go through all the important areas.

Custom Massage by Habileny is in between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. That is the most popular combination. I can also combine and mix together any of other massage styles (you can check the page Services for complete list of all my massage styles). The pressure is usually firm and can be as specific as you need in any given area.

Most clients choose 90 minuets Custom Massage by Habileny and get a full body massage with extra time on 1 or 2 areas. Sprinters and Runners typically get extra legs, calves, and hips. Office workers or people with lots of stress typically get extra upper back, shoulders, and neck. Professional drivers tend to choose extra lower back, gluteus, and arms. Whatever area needs extra attention, I’ve got you covered!

Why Choose Custom Massage by Habileny?

Custom Massage by Habileny

Choosing a Custom Massage by Habileny allows you to explore the most beneficial massage therapy for your health and relaxation needs. Depending on your massage preferences I can put together the most enjoyable and advanced custom massage session. Even if it’s only 60 min session.

Custom massage by Habileny includes a great number of massage types, massage modalities, massage therapies, and massage strokes. The technique, area of focus, and amount of pressure can all play an important part in the individual benefits of a massage therapy. Particularly when addressing to specific concerns.

Whether injury from working out, sports or work, chronic pain or day of stress, custom massage by Habileny can provide targeted relief and great relaxation. Individuals suffering from sports injuries, chronic pain, stress and other ailments may consider multiple treatments to aid in the fast healing process.

Benefits of Custom Massage by Habileny:

The most obvious benefit shared online by everyone is that a custom massage makes you feel great! The stress-relieving, soothing results are enough for many to include custom massage as a regular part of their lives. But what of the less obvious benefits?

The first sense to develop is your sense of touch. It’s not surprising when you consider that each square inch of your skin contains roughly 50 nerve endings. With as many as five million total touch receptors in your skin relaying messages on to your brain. Your body’s initial response to massage is to relax and de-stimulate. Even a simple touch has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the heart rate. Custom Massage Touch can also signal the brain to produce endorphins, your body’s natural pain suppressors.

Custom Massage by Habileny

Custom massage by Habileny can restore power and strength to your muscles, improving their overall function. It’s the ideal treatment for releasing tension or muscles in spasm and helps to release toxins such as lactic acid as well. Lactic acidosis produced by muscle tissue during exercise while working out.

Proper circulation is vital to continued health. Your blood and lymph carry nourishment to the trillions of cells throughout your body. They carry away the waste to be eliminated from the cells. Custom massage by Habileny encourages a better exchange of nutrients at the cellular level and more thorough detoxification.

The nervous system is your communication network. It’s sending messages constantly that determine proper functioning throughout your body. Stress can affect the ability of the nervous system to do its job. The many nerve endings found in the skin and muscles are soothed by massage. This contributes to keeping your internal lines of communication open and operational.

Why do I like it so much?

When I compete in NPC shows I always get a custom massage myself. It helps me to remove extra water from my body, get leaner, and recover certain muscles faster. With a good training and right diet this type of massage is a must! I know exactly how it feels when you need a massage.

Custom Massage by Habileny also aids in maintaining flexibility in your joints, such as knees, hips, spine, shoulders, and neck. These joints are thoroughfares for nerves, veins, and arteries, so their freedom of movement allow energy and blood to flow unimpeded.

So, you can see massage does quite a bit more than just relax you and work out the kinks in a sore back. Some therapists charge more when they have a special requests for custom massage session. In my case I keep it simple for everyone. I have the same basic rates for any type of massage I provide. Feel free to check my rates on the page Massage Prices and feel free to Contact me 24/7 if you have any questions or want to book my Custom Massage by Habileny.

I look forward to seeing you on my massage table!

Custom Massage by Habileny